Several new layout and sorting options coming to the discussion page on Bonfire in the next release. Would love some feedback, such as:

  • would you prefer them separated in three menus as in the screenshots, or all in one menu?
  • any suggestions on clearer wording for some of the options? such as nested vs linear and the different chronological options...

It's frustrating how late stage capitalism also ruins lots of cool apps, and I'm not talking of Twitter/Reddit, but simple things like Instabridge, which was a simple way to share and find the password of public WiFi hotspots (eg. from cafes). Now the app also tries to also be your mobile browser, your VPN, your home screen, etc, and shows you a video advert right after your contribute a password... 😶

Exciting news! Bonfire 0.9.4 is here! 🔥
We've improved the UX of user moderation and boundaries to ensure a safer, more engaging community experience. But that's not all - expect a much faster performance and a smoother experience with our latest optimisations! #NewRelease 🚀

@dajb @ivan

> When the computer takes more than 0.1 second but less than 1 second to respond to your input, it feels like the computer is causing the result to appear.
> This means that during 1-second response times, users retain the feeling of being in control of the interaction even though they notice that it's a 2-way interaction (between them and the computer). By contrast, with 0.1 second response times, users simply feel like they're doing something themselves.
> For web usability, this means that new pages must display within 1 second for users to feel like they're navigating freely; any slower and they feel held back by the computer and don't click as readily.

Arguably for something like liking or boosting it's not the same as an automatic UI interaction (like opening a menu, which should be as close to instant as possible), you're communicating with your instance's server and in turn other people's servers, but more importantly with other humans, since you're requiring attention from the author and/or your followers by taking that action.
So not "clicking as readily" as they say may be a pro?

The campground has been updated 🔥 You'll probably not notice many differences in terms of UI or functionality, as we're focused on fixing bugs and optimising things as preparation for a 1.0 release candidate...

Known issues are listed at

That's all folks...