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Bob Haugen: Campground days "That's all for the last 7 days..." Is that true?

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Bob Haugen: Thanks again. How much server do you think Bonfire would need?
capsul.org/pricing (that was from servers.coop which looks good if they are ready to go.)

@bhaugen I'd start with f1-s on there and scale up as needed (it really depends on the number of simultaneous active users)

Bob Haugen: I tried to post this same content before and it went off into space somewhere. If it landed in the Bonfire campground and this is a duplicate, sorry, but i don't see my first try anywhere. I wanted to ask about CoopCloud, which bonfirenetworks.org/docs/dep...recommends for deployment. But from skimming their doc, looks like they don't offer an actual cloud that I can deploy on, just some software for people to install on some other server. Is that correct? And if so, got any recommendations for where to actually install Bonfire software?

@bhaugen see docs.coopcloud.tech/operator...

While you can use any provider to get a server or VPS to use with coop-cloud, there's two mentioned in their docs (since they're more closely integrated into the tooling):

  • servers.coop is an initiative started by the same people as coop-cloud to setup a cooperative network of hosters, but I'm not sure how operational it is yet
  • hetzner is a german company that's common choice among FOSS and fediverse folks
Bob Haugen: #bonfire_feedback Seems snappier today. What did you do to speed it up?
(Or am I dreaming...?)

We've been optimising and tweaking various things... Some of the last things we tried involve some technicalities of LiveView and OTP, we've added some ENV variables for instances to be able to tweak, and set some default values that seem to make sense so far:

  • LV_TIMEOUT: 42 seconds. The timeout for keeping websocket connections open after it last received data.
  • LV_HIBERNATE_AFTER: 7 seconds. The time of inactivity allowed in the LiveView before compressing its own memory and state.
  • LV_FULLSWEEP_AFTER: 20. The maximum number of garbage collections before forcing a fullsweep for the socket process. You can set it to 0 to force more frequent clean-ups of your websocket transport processes.
Jeff: I have a few to consider! This is a great showcase for the modulatirty of the platofrm. 📣 Owncast - live streaming media. Lemmy and kBin could have some unique components to their display. Yes, it's just text + links/media. But Upvotes/Downvotes are unique. The same format would apply to the replies as well. Third, many other fediverse clients offer emoji reactions (Akkoma, Misskey, Firefish, even Mastodon shows them for Admin posts), and if that platform does have them, it would be nice to at least have them viewable in Bonfire, even if Bonfire doesn't support reacting with them. The iOS client FediText is trying this out right now. Finally, this work is interesting - a live audio stream for mastodon. I guess it might appear the same as Owncast or Castopod, maybe.  codeberg.org/namekuji/audon/...

Thanks for the suggestions! Added to the list: github.com/bonfire-networks/...


Several new layout and sorting options coming to the discussion page on Bonfire in the next release. Would love some feedback, such as:

  • would you prefer them separated in three menus as in the screenshots, or all in one menu?
  • any suggestions on clearer wording for some of the options? such as nested vs linear and the different chronological options...
makoy: It's fixed? The site took 37 seconds to load for me, loading this thread took 10 seconds.

@makoy It seems there's something else causing slowdown the last few days. Going to investigate!

adobo: yeah this is how i'm feeling about it. it's painfully slow, but i am so excited for the unique features it talks about. i'm just not sure if it's slow bc the implementation is that way or if there's another factor to it

@adobo there was an issue after the last deploy but that's now fixed, I suggest giving it another go to get a better idea of how it currently performs

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💥 👋 We’re looking for volunteers to help us with some user research. We’re particularly interested in hearing from a diverse range of people who may be interested in using Bonfire in a personal or professional capacity .

You do not need any particular technical knowledge, skills, or prior experience of Bonfire. The user research interviews will be carried out in English by Dynamic Skillset ( @dajb )

here the full blog post: https://bonfirenetworks.org/posts/user_research/

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