This may be a bit of a different perspective on the Circles, Boundaries and Roles concepts. I have a parent with #Dimentia that loves social media.

Would it be possible to setup an account so that they can ONLY interact with users within specific circles and boundaries? And even further - limit that user's response types (like, retweet only)?

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@box464 I think we have almost all the building blocks in place to implement such feature (the recent development of groups and topics can be relevant as well).
It would require to build custom UIs and develop ad-hoc features on top of such building blocks to make it happen.

The high-level picture that cross my mind would be something like this:

  • Alice create a new custom role called "Bob space"
  • Bob space defines the circles bob can reach and how they can interact with him
  • Family circle: made of 12 members, users in this circle can read, like, boost, mention and reply to bob's activities
  • Friend circle: made of 59 members., users in this circle can read and like bob's activities
  • Caretaker: made of 1members, Alice, user in this circle can also edit and delete bob's activities
    This would be the default boundary in bob composer, he could then switch between federated / local / mention only - which they would all be subset of the bob-space boundary
  • Thanks to our "shared profile" feature (not yet enabled on campground), Alice can create a new user called bob, and invite bob by email to register with that user.

At this point bob can presumably safely interact with a custom audience, but he would be still able to see the feed and follow any users in the fediverse in different ways (navigating to a family member profile, looking to their followers and go from there).
We already have the possibility to limit features based upon boundaries, so we should enforce such rules across all the platform (eg. If I search for a username or hashtags, open a thread or look at user followers they should return only contents / users based upon my boundaries )

That would be a crucial features for enhancing safety on social network for different categories and usecases (another one that comes in my mind is about introducing children/teenagers on social networks and the internet at scale in a safe environment)

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@ivan Appreciate the well thought out answer, and I'm glad to know I was on the right track with the concepts for the most part.
Agreed, family safety covers children and teenagers in much the same way. The level of monitoring has to be refined as children grow older (less monitoring, more trust) and as parents get older (less trust, more monitoring).
With elder parents, there is more of a risk of bad actors doing really scammy things, unfortunately.

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@ivan Here's some #bonfire_feedback if you haven't thought about this already. Have some pre-packaged sets of audience configurations - "Community Clubs", "Local Crises Support", "Family with Children", "Family with Teens", "Family Elder Care"
Also - how are you writing longer posts than I can? I keep running out of space. 😊

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@mayel @ivan Wow this was a tough one to find.
It's happening in the smaller post composer that pops up on the bottom right of the screen. Using a Mac, Google Chrome, 1700px or wider screen.

So for some reason when I reply, the Content Warning is being enabled by default. If I KEEP it enabled, then the space on this smaller posting window isn't being recalculated (minus content warning box space), and when I get to the end of the box, it runs over and I can't view what I'm typing.

So I had figured I had hit a "hard stop" and it wasn't allowing any further entry. I tried two different themes and it happened on both. Happened on three different themes, so no theme specific.

Removing the content warning option fixes the issue. Hope this helps. I've noticed some great speed improvements lately, by the way!

Attached video (maybe?). 😊

Video demonstration of the Content Warning / Post Box issue.
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@ivan @mayel Got more than I asked for, thank you! I'm glad you're allowing past the limit of max characters and showing the count. That way I can throw my thoughts out there and then cut back til it fits (tho at 2,000 words I may never have that problem again. Focused and full screen composer are a nice touch, especially since you allow longer form posts.

You know you're going to have to add drafts in at some point, right? 💾 Keep going, looking great!

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@box464 @mayel thanks, took the occasion to do a proper refactor of the composer, took a while but worth it! I've included a new option in setting preferences to switch between a non-blocking composer layout to a focused one (prob naming create confusions, the non-blocking is the default one, that let you navigate the feeds and pages while composing your post, while the focused layout opens the composer in a modal, so that the user has a distraction-free view to focus on the post)
I've tested the 2 options and fixed the responsive with CW open and closed and with virtual keyboard turned on / off. A bit more testing for the different browsers, here a video: loom.com/share/3dc5420240e74...

Social interaction is a lifeline for many dimentia patients. Going out to mingle with people breaks a routine that can cause great stress and confusion.
Social media allows them to catch up with relatives and friends in ways that otherwise would be difficult.