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I have a few to consider! This is a great showcase for the modulatirty of the platofrm. 📣

Owncast - live streaming media.

Lemmy and kBin could have some unique components to their display. Yes, it's just text + links/media. But Upvotes/Downvotes are unique. The same format would apply to the replies as well.

Third, many other fediverse clients offer emoji reactions (Akkoma, Misskey, Firefish, even Mastodon shows them for Admin posts), and if that platform does have them, it would be nice to at least have them viewable in Bonfire, even if Bonfire doesn't support reacting with them. The iOS client FediText is trying this out right now.

Finally, this work is interesting - a live audio stream for mastodon. I guess it might appear the same as Owncast or Castopod, maybe. 


The main cause for slowness in browsing Bonfire has been identified and fixed. Such a relief! 😅 🔥 🏃

@mayel Came back to see how things were going - the yellow has brightened things up a bit, and yes, super speedy! 🏎️ 🌬️

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Is there a how to get started blog post or documentation somewhere?

I am just looking for some ideas on how I can test out the features here in the Campground.

I really can't figure out in any practical way how circles, roles, and boundaries work.

#bonfire_feedback Testing when I can. I wanted to mention something that I ran into when I first joined. I thought "well, this is happening because these areas aren't ready yet" and just shrugged it off, but now I think maybe it wasn't supposed to happen.

If I went into my settings and clicked on "Circles, Roles, Boundaries", I was getting an error message with the little flame icon showing. I couldn't do anything with those areas. Now I can see them (maybe about two weeks ago?) and the overall concepts are making much more sense to me now. 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn't save any screenshots from back then. I think somehow I added a boundary and then from there none of the three areas were erroring out anywhere - could it be erroring out if you don't have anything defined?

This is next to the worst kind of bug feedback you can get - the worst being none at all. Just make note of it, if someone else runs into the issue at least you can remember it had happened before.