Fedinaut since 2021. Trying Bonfire here.

Like I stated earlier, Bonfire clearly isn't ready for serious usage yet. However I intend to keep checking by once in a while to monitor the development progress and give feedback as well.

Are you fine with getting feedback directly in the campground or would you prefer if one opens issues directly on GitHub?


The 鈥淧osted! Show鈥 alert should be dismissable and probably also auto-hide after a certain delay.


It there any federation already? I could search and 鈥渇ollow鈥 my main account, but the follow request never arrived.



I completely agree. With a configurable sidebar you have all the functionalities of a channel based chat (write to people, groups or channels or streams) integrated with the world too.

Very powerful indeed. 馃槉

Configurable side bar? I didn't even discover that feature yet! How does it work?


Alright. #Bonfire is definitively not ready for serious usage. The campground is super slow. However I think the potential is huge. I love the fine-grained control circles and boundaries seem to give you. Especially the circles will allow to seperate different interests better without the need for a dozen accounts. I'll keep watching.


Campground look fire! I really like the first impression.