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No doubt Discourse's stats are awesome!
I would say it would be nice to have those avatars at the bottom of people who have engaged in the conversation - showing first the people you follow or you mostly engage with and an option to expand to get the whole list of people who interacted with the post. Maybe -this could be controversial- an AI-derived icon next to people's avatars in the list indicating if they agree or disagree with the original post.

wdym with agree or disagree? i mean, the ''ai'' would first check the post and then try to understand if my comment agrees and if it does the icon is different?

@zabbeer @ivan @lefterino Yeah I think showing the number of comments (both in feeds and at the top of a discussion page) would be useful. Maybe better to not show the number of boosts/likes by default though, and either make that a setting you enable or a toggle/button/menu to explicitly choose when see them.

now that i think of it, can bonfire not follow mastodon on the ''like'' = star thing?lol

everytime i click on it i have years of star= favorite bookmark taught by internet in the brain

a bonfire is a fire sooooooooooooooo, maybe a fire reaction? no likes, only hyped fires 😁

@ivan thinking about communities and groups that would work VERY well on bonfire, i noticed that there is a lack of:

  • markets
  • inventories

With shared inventories + circle you could basically create any library of things or diffused library on the territory

with markets, well a curated little used local market

sorry for the direct tag 😊

At present, our discussion page lacks any statistical data about the thread, a feature that is pretty common in most of social networks or forums. These platforms typically display a total count of replies, boosts, likes, and participants.

Take Discourse as an example, a platform with a great UX for productive conversations. Discourse displays the list of links shared in a post and provides a statistical box that details thread engagement. This includes also an approximation of the time required to read through the entire thread, if significant.

What are some meaningful statistics we must/should incorporate for the Bonfire 1.0 release? We are seeking to find statistics that can effectively foster engagement in discussions without solely promoting addictive behaviors. Any thoughts or suggestions ? #bonifre_feedback

for sure what helps me to engage is the comments number. that works for me more than any other stat, cause i see there is a discussion i can learn from and eventually engage in.

anyway maybe you could put a little counter on or under every of the buttons that are already there?


  • under or on the right of the reply button, the number of the replies already there
  • under or on the right of the repost button, the number of the repost already made and you can see who did it by clicking on it
    etc etc