"Be open minded, but not so open minded that your brains fall out." (Groucho Marx)

Morpeth, UK

@mayel Hi, sorry for not following up, I was thinking about images coming from the Fediverse and from Bonfire specifically.

The articles under "News" on the web site really聽should have dates. Right now one can't tell by just opening them if they were written 5 minutes ago, yesterday or 2 years ago.

I've just found Bonfire, but I think a lot of the ideas are really great!

I'm getting on here to see how it feels.

I'm currently evaluating existing solutions to see if I need to try to make my own or not. I've got pretty specific ideas for what I want, but Bonfire looks like it's really designed for customization, so it might work.

Wondering about something

I am looking for a mix of blogging and microblogging. Could this be it ??

First post!

The idea is to eventually use bonfire at my class in an art academy.
So, today I will start asking students what they may want or need in a community. Curious!

In the meantime I will simply use this as a playground, and try out stuff.
Hmmm.. just attached an image to this post, and it seems I cannot remove it. Well, there it is then 馃槉 It's a Nanolandscape by 漏Michael Oliveri. I'll try to figure out if I did something wrong, or if I should collect this as an issue.

@ivan Ah, beautiful... with some decent speed in the exchange, this almost replaces IMs. 馃槉

I'd like to help with this please, when the time comes. 馃槉

Warm regards...

iPRES 2023
Dragan Espenschied, Klaus Rechert
September 23, 2023
Software preservation must consider knowledge management as a key challenge. We suggest a concep-tualization of software preservation approaches that are available at different stages of the software lifecycle and can support memory institutions to assess the current state of software items in their collection, the capabilities of their infrastructure, and completeness and applicability of knowledge that is required to successfully steward the collec-tion.

hi @edumerco 馃槉 the logic to configure the left sidebar is already in place, and we use it for customize the sidebar based on which extension are enabled (now it's not that obvious because this instance has not many extensions enabled, but you can see that recently it was added a "publication" link at the bottom of the sidebar, because we enabled the open_science extension ) .

We do not offer yet the possibility for users to customize it - mostly because once we will add Groups and Topics, the left sidebar will likely be rethinked a bit to properly include those as well...