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Not much happening in my feed lately....has the action moved elsewhere and I missed the cue?

Or is there another view here that would show more messages etc?

I was thinking of inviting some other people to check out Bonfire and the cafe seemed like the logical place, but then I don't post much here these days either....

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Y'all got a fan over in social.coop:


I've been keeping a close eye on Bonfire, and I really think that it's leaps and bounds ahead of Mastodon in terms of design intent and moderation usability.

Lots more at the link...

Could we be two instances / communities? (website)
I've been turning this thought over in my head for a couple days, and I'm curious what others think. I don't know that this is something that would ever turn into a proposal, possibly just an idea to contemplate.Some observations:1) I'm pretty new to social.coop, but from things various more senior members have said, I have the impression that decision-making and community-building were easier when the community was smaller.2) It also seems from a couple of recent conversations (e.g., the one about deferation from / moderation of Threads.net if they ever implemented ActivityPub, but the one about putting together an Organizing Circle, and one about how to moderate misinformation) that there is quite a bit of divergence among our members in visions for how the instance should be run.3) Meanwhile, it seems that there are a shortage of democratically run Fediverse instances out there.All of this has me wondering whether if we are too big for comfortable discussion of many decisions, might we be large enough to split off into two or more instances?I do think there would be more value in having a larger ecosystem of democratically run cooperatively owned instances out there, and this could be one strategy to bringing this about. I know we've also had members give presentations on this kind of thing, but I'm wondering if kicking off new instances from the inside might be easier than mentoring new instances on the outside.Thoughts?
social.coop (website)
A Fediverse instance for people interested in cooperative and collective projects. If you are interested in joining our community, please apply at https://wiki.social.coop/registration-form.html.

@ivan @mayel this is me from my new computer.

Got connected to Bonfire Campground, but have not been able to connect to the Element/Matrix channels we share. Will probably give up on getting them working on my new box, their instructions are very very picky and I continue to fail to follow them properly (apparently; alternatively their instructions have many bugs).

So I can talk to y'all on Bonfire and social.coop, which I prefer anyway. Email works, too.

This, I hope, is an introduction to the Economies Circle. Would be nice to be able to pin it....but regardless...

The Economies Circle is intended to discuss (in particular) Community Economies. For example, communityeconomies.org/

But participants can discuss other economic topics if they want.

I want to focus a bit on the economic features planned (or at least discussed) for implementation in Bonfire.

A couple of economic features have been discussed:

  • an early Offers and Needs app that was once demoed, and
  • Valueflows vocabulary features.

I could not find either of those at bonfirenetworks.org/ right now, but then I did look very hard.

As soon as the Offers and Needs app is available for use, I want to deploy an instance in my geographic neighborhood, but will continue the discussion here if any other people are interested.

Question: do the feeds in Bonfire Campground automatically reload and refresh themselves to show the latest entries? Or do I need to reload the page myself?

I'll stop reloading myself for awhile and see what happens....

@ivan @mayel @bonfire@indieweb.social

A suggestion for improvement:

Bonfire has this lovely indented thread presentation in the Discussions (channel? list? section?) but it's hidden. I only found it by accident.

So I suggest adding a line to the header of the Discussions list saying:
"Discussions: posts with replies. Click on a post to show the thread."

Might want to add something to the other selections in the left pantl, too. Like Posts: single messages, and I don't know what to explain Activities and how they are different.

@bonfire@indieweb.social I read bonfirenetworks.org/posts/in... and was looking for how to create a Circle, when I crashed with this error message:

Something went wrong
found duplicate ID "open_preview-" for component Bonfire.UI.Common.OpenModalLive when rendering template

@bonfire@indieweb.social I feel like I am hogging the main activity stream a bit and would like to take my topic into a different boundary. A new Circle? Studying bonfirenetworks.org/posts/in... and will be back when I think I know how to start one....unless one of the Bonfire gang does it first.

#bonfire #future
At some point, I fantasize about deploying Bonfire in our region en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Driftl... where some of the conditions and seed organizations exist to grow into a regional economic system.

I don't think Bonfire is ready yet, but that is why I am here trying it out and suggesting improvements.

One question: once upon a time, bonfirenetworks.org/ had a "flavour" and I think also a demo/experiment focused on offers and wants. I could not find that now. I did find bonfirenetworks.org/posts/bo... which seems to be somewhat related, but did not explicitly mention offers and wants or offers and needs or whatever you called it. The flavour might have had a totally different name.

But anyway. beyond being generally usable, that's one of the features we would need.

When generally usable, I would be happy to pitch in on coding and testing at that stage. I might also be able to help on performance improvements somehow. They seem to be the biggest hurdle for general usability now, altho I might be missing some other big hurdles.

What do y'all think? How realistic is that fantasy, and very roughly when? Where "when" is this year, next year, or not in the foreseeable future?

Also, if you want to suggest a circle or other boundary for discussions like this, please let me know and I will comply.

I wrote a long post and lost the whole thing when the text box disappeared. I'll try again but less verbose and maybe more shorter posts so I don't lose so much work.

So this might be part 1 of several.

I am interested in features that allow me to follow conversational threads in #bonfire - like in Mastodon you can click the three dots at the bottom left of a post, open a little selection menu, and select "Expand this post".



Did some experiments with @Hamishcampbell@campaign.openworlds.info

  1. Looked like our messages were federating between here and Hamish's home domain and sometimes social.coop where I was posting some of the messages. Does that seem possible at this stage? Or did I misinterpret? If so, good to have some federation going on!

  2. Early in the conversation the message traffic seemed very slow. Neither of us were sure we could communicate. Later, the round trips seemed a bit quicker.

  3. Overall result: we found and seem to be following each other. One weird possible bug was that I saw discrepancies between my Followed and Following lists. I need to go back to find them to report. Don't seem to be able to keep that open....will add a reply....