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Hi all! Time for another regular (ish) Bridgy Fed status update, with big news: we’re bridging web sites to Bluesky!

We’ve supported this on the fediverse for a while, and we’re now doing it for Bluesky too. You can use Bridgy Fed to automatically generate a Bluesky presence for your web site, and you can follow any site that has microformats2 or an RSS or Atom feed. Bridgy Fed extracts profile info, converts blog posts to Bluesky posts, etc.

As examples, check out Nature and Electrek. To get started, enter a web site here.

Beyond that, lots more happened over the last few weeks:

On a minor fun note, I counted tests recently, across the parts of the Bridgy Fed stack that I maintain – including granary, arroba, lexrpc, etc – and there are currently 2680 total. 🤩

Standard disclaimer: Bridgy Fed is non-commercial, free, open source, and ad-free, and I have no plans to change any of that or ask for donations any time soon. It’s one way I try to support and give back to the open social web.

As usual, feel free to ping me with feedback, questions, and bug reports. You can follow the now label on GitHub to see what I’m currently focusing on. See you on the bridge!

✨Pixelfed App Tip:

If you see a post that includes "Last Edited ...", you can tap that to view the edit history!

We built a beautiful history viewer that makes it easy to see exactly what was added or removed!

Available in v1.0.0.65+

Såhär långt har jag framförallt tittat på @bonfire som är kompatibelt med mastodon, men som dessutom skapar ytor för grupper och sidor.

Jag tänker mig att servern företrädelsevis kommer vara öppen för föreningsmedlemmar och inte för allmänheten i bred bemärkelse.

Studiecirklar, konstnärskollektiv, hyresgästföreningar och olika hobby-initiativ (maker spaces, löpklubbar osv) är det föreningsliv jag ser framför mig som skulle kunna dra nytta av servern.

The http://openscience.network project is more than a #federated digital space. It's a network to collectively discover, produce and participate to the most relevant #openscience discussions on the fediverse and beyond.

In the public homepage, the editorial team pins posts for anyone to read - as an alternative to the most recent activities (often meaningless to the general audience )

Imagine every university, collective and lab owning their federated digital space and radically transforming their usual social networking presence in powerful ways:

- Curate and organize discussions in topics, moving beyond feeds and toward structured journals composed of federated discussions and links

- Discover and read papers directly from the scientist social profile

- Collaborate on new ideas in the open, instead of being siloed inside centralized platforms, publish papers from the fediverse

And this is only the beginning! Support us building the next infrastructure for open science!

🧩+🦋 NeoDB 现已开放 Bluesky / ATProto 支持。 如果你已经有NeoDB账号,可以直接添加绑定Bluesky;如果还没有NeoDB账号,可以用Bluesky注册新账号。 如果你的Bluesky好友已经加入NeoDB,系统会为你自动关注她;你在Bluesky的静音也会同步导入到NeoDB;在NeoDB标记的书影音可以同步发表到Bluesky。 👉 neodb.social
@freeassange assolutamente d'accordo! Espionage Act è una legge totalmente priva di significato e calpesta completamente ogni diritto umano, a partire da quello di parola, di diffondere la verità e di difendere sé stessi e gli altri attraverso la conoscenza, e tanti tanti altri, quindi deve fare la stessa fine della ..sopra pippa 💪🏾😉
Ok so the Hawk Tuah thing was really dumb. All the aspects of a shitty forced meme / psyop.

But, now she gets fired from her job... Ok we know how this goes, Boycott Time... But then her job is PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHER 😂

Ok so this is going to end with more school vouchers and breaking the teachers union. I certainly did not see that one coming.

Everybody give the glowies a big round of applause for doing an op which starts out looking like the dumbest shit in history, and then transforms into something decent. Nice work guys.

Resuming Work and Engaging with Users

We promised to keep you updated every two months, though this post comes a bit delayed (see reasons). Thankfully NLnet extended our time period. Now that at least one person can dedicate a regular 30 hours a week to the project, we are confident things will develop more quickly from now on.

We are currently having our first exchanges with venues and organizations that will likely use WordPress ActivityPub for their event publishing. From these initial interviews, we are gathering insights to ensure we are on the right track. We’ve chosen several institutions based in Graz, where most of us live, because face-to-face conversations are invaluable and sometimes the only way to ensure we convey our genuine intentions—we really don’t want to sell anything. A detailed report on those results will follow.

However, anyone else with a WordPress site who wants to explore publishing events to the Fediverse and help shape future features (such as attendee management, participant notifications, etc.) is welcome to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

#ActivityPub #WordPress

📌Ⓤⓝⓐ ⓕⓘⓐⓒⓒⓞⓛⓐ ⓟⓔⓡ Ⓐⓢⓢⓐⓝⓖⓔ
3 luglio - Piazza Castello - Torino ore 20.30
Accendiamo una luce di speranza in occasione del 53° compleanno del giornalista d’inchiesta Julian Assange
Ingiustamente incarcerato da oltre 5 anni senza processo.
Parteciperanno alla manifestazione promossa da Free Assange Italia, le associazioni: ANPPIA, Centro Studi Italia-Cuba, Libero Pensiero, Articolo 21, Amnesty International, Schierarsi, Generazioni Future, Quaderni All'Aria, Zona Libera, CNL Resistenza, Volere la Luna e Coordinadora Contra La Guerra Nuclear

Is Free - He's in a plane to Autralia