In a waterspacesuit, which is like a airspacesuit, but water inside. Does not have pfp because that's what imagination is for.

Europa subsurface ocean, Tired Fins Hostel

It reminds me of Sexiled light novel, which is focused around fighting sexism in a jrpg like fantasy setting.
In that world, female adventurers wore skimpy ineffective armor because over generations they were taught a superstitious view that more open skin equals more mana.

Naturally, at the novel's cover the protagonist wears properly covering armor, a symbol of rebellion against both sexualization and traditional (for that world) gender roles.


I think this is because they use #Bonfire_feedback and not #bonfire_feedback
hashtags on fediverse are supposed to be case-insensitive, so this is a bug.

Roles language is confusing.
For example

See: discoverable in lists (like feeds).
Does it mean that you will see a users with this role's posts, or this user will see you (then why it is "discoverable" and not "you are discoverable for them")? Or is this about a circle somehow

Create a post or other object. Does it mean that the user will be able to write from your name (like a co-editorial account) or what?

Federation is disabled on this instance

Ok, then maybe it should display a warning when one tries to perform a federated action while federation [with that particular instance] is disabled.

@space@lemmy.world https://libre.space/2022/11/01/librespace-foundation-back-in-space/
Almost a year ago, they flew a libre satellite to space. And yet, I have not seen much progress in the area of libre space hardware since. Do you know the latest developments?