Hello everyone, I implemented a #Guix System service [0] for #Bonfire that I'm running on a physical machine [1] at home. It uses the OCI image under the hood and I took most of the implementation details from CoopCloud's recipe.

Bonfire starts correctly but when I go to the signup page I get a 500 error. I'm attaching the log for the request. It seems to me a bug or some strange boolean comparison but I still don't know elixir good enough to understand. Do you have any inputs on what I might be doing wrong?


[0]  git.sr.ht/~fishinthecalculat...

[1]  gitlab.com/orang3/guix-deplo...

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@fishinthecalculator Cool stuff! 😊 I don't see the log but assume it's a known bug we had in the last release. Will trigger a new release (though can't promise there won't be other bugs, lots of work in progress at the moment while we work towards stabilising the codebase...)

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