It could be worth telling that the second screenshot was different from the first one. So there’s another bug, which is that you only got the first one, duplicated, with the image description of the second screenshot only.

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(defun microblog ()
"Microbloguer avec toot(1) et twtxt !"
(let ((message (read-from-minibuffer "Message : ")))
(concat "sh ~/.emacs.d/microblog/ "
(shell-quote-argument message)

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Second bug report: I tried to insert both code snippets in the same post but I couldn’t add anything after the code part in the first post. There wasn’t any newline after this portion. I’d like to maybe have a newline automatically inserted after a code block, if there’s none, when cycling with tab ?

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Please tell me how I could improve my bug reports.

Btw I was using Firefox with uBlock Origin and Cozy Pass.

EDIT : I don’t think this bug would be platform-specific, but I’m using Linux Mint with Cinnamon. I’m running Firefox mint-001 120.0.1.