1. Congrats on the last updates!
  2. Should I use the #bonfire_feedback keyword for this? By the way, it isn't a “hashtag”. Let's not use literal newspeak here? It also happens to confuse new users.
  1. So I was basically wondering if Bonfire would integrate OpenBadges OOTB? For example, and this is just a thought experiment, I could show my Moodle badges but also as e.g. a Bonfire beta tester, or my blog's contributors could show their support (because for starting creatives everything's a transaction, but I won't paywall my work)?

More than out of the box, I imagine we could have a bonfire_openbadges extensions that instances can enable.

Post 1.0 - it would be great if part of bonfire roadmap would be driven and funded by communities needs 😊

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