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Would you like to discover how it feels to navigate a social network devoid of avatars? If so, head to Settings -> Preferences -> Appearance, and enable the Hide Avatar option 🥸.

🎉 Thrilled to unveil our revamped Bonfire website! 🌐 Among other things, we've showcased the features of our upcoming 1.0 release and listed the inspiring case studies we're developing.
Customizable, Extensible, Federated. Welcome to the autonomous digital spaces of the future 🔥

round a bonfire

around a bonfire, civilisations begin
around a bonfire, stories are told
around a bonfire, families grow
around a bonfire, revolutions are conspired
around a bonfire, alliances are strengthened
around a bonfire, futures are predicted
around a bonfire, evils are cured
around a bonfire, ancestors visit
around a bonfire, knowledges are shared
around a bonfire, what will you do?

Working on the user preferences to include in the 1.0, do you think we're missing something ? what aspect, feature or behaviour you'd like to furter customize or control in a federated social network?

Great News! Bonfire has made it to the final round of the Distributed Design Award 2023 🎉 Now it's time for the People's Choice Award, and your vote counts!
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📣 New Blog post ➡️ Making things intuitive is complex! Or, what we discovered via user testing.

A big Thank you to doug who run the User testing sessions and to all the people who registered and participated. The feedback we received was invaluable in highlighting areas for improvement.


💥 👋 We’re looking for volunteers to help us with some user research. We’re particularly interested in hearing from a diverse range of people who may be interested in using Bonfire in a personal or professional capacity .

You do not need any particular technical knowledge, skills, or prior experience of Bonfire. The user research interviews will be carried out in English by Dynamic Skillset ( @dajb )

here the full blog post: https://bonfirenetworks.org/posts/user_research/

ah interesting, nested replies in reverse cronological order (newer first) may confuse the discussion...
In this screenshot, my "agree" comment was directed to @mayel first comment (see the date time), while instead in this visualisation seems referred to @lne comment (that was more recent than my reply)

🚀 Reflecting on a productive week focused on enhancing discussions on Bonfire!

Here our major improvements:

✨ Give a title to your discussions
📊 View discussion metrics for better insights
🔍 Read discussions seamlessly with an optimised legibility experience
✏️ Bonus: Edit posts!

Next week, we'll focus on federating threads and iterate with the community to squash bugs and enhance user experience.

🔥 We've just rolled out a new feature: thread titles.
Add a title to your thread - either initially or add it later as discussions develop and edit it if the discussion takes another direction. We're exploring if this offers more context to discussions, driving better user participation and streamlining discussion management. Try it and let us know what you think!

At present, our discussion page lacks any statistical data about the thread, a feature that is pretty common in most of social networks or forums. These platforms typically display a total count of replies, boosts, likes, and participants.

Take Discourse as an example, a platform with a great UX for productive conversations. Discourse displays the list of links shared in a post and provides a statistical box that details thread engagement. This includes also an approximation of the time required to read through the entire thread, if significant.

What are some meaningful statistics we must/should incorporate for the Bonfire 1.0 release? We are seeking to find statistics that can effectively foster engagement in discussions without solely promoting addictive behaviors. Any thoughts or suggestions ? #bonifre_feedback

Join us in testing comments and discussions in #bonfire!
For the next 2 weeks, we're honing our focus on fixing and improving any aspect of this core feature, and we would love to do it together with our community. Let's collaboratively craft a space that fosters both lightearted banter and profound discussions.

Here's how to get involved:

1️⃣ Join the conversation by creating a new post or responding to existing ones.

2️⃣ Spot a bug or see room for improvement? Let us know! Post your valuable feedback and don't forget to tag it with #bonfire_feedback.

3️⃣ Your feedback doesn't go unnoticed. We'll gather all the reported issues in our tracker, focusing on the most critical ones in our current milestone: github.com/bonfire-networks/...