Please feel no pressure, you're already going to change millions of lives. I'm not sure you realize how much power you're weaving at the moment, if such a thing is possible.

Sorry, I did take the time to appreciate how snappy the last update was, but I haven't been vocal about it.

I'm going to toggle a few switches and see what happens. Is it normal if I can't fetch a post through another instance (Firefish)? Is the federation still disabled?

Thanks in advance!


I'm not trying to get Zuckerberg or Dorsey tried anymore. I'd rather dismantle the institutions that've enabled them. Look, I'm not even mad at them – trials just help to cover up failing social institutions. People being found guilty are mere scapegoats.

Which stable aspects of society (not people, and especially not last names) have made us suffer? How can we reform them? My best guess is “not by defending their loopholes by punishing the people who've abused them”.


Sorry I'm getting notifications so I guess Mayel faved me but I'm not seeing it through the UI #bonfire_feedback


I've replaced hyperlinks with Org-cite (BibLaTeX + the CSL). If I'm to reference your work, I'm gonna need a lead developer.

For now it's @dajb due to the alphabetic order. Is this ok for everyone? @mayel and @ivan? Am I missing someone?


> If you treat your beta-testers as if they're your most valuable resource, they will respond by becoming your most valuable resource.

*​makes most valuable resource noises​*


I'm still not sure whether I'll do my master thesis on self-harm or on the way social media are meant to trap improductive people into improductivity, covering as many use cases as possible in the most confusing and unhealthy way as possible (for example Twitter is terrible for publishing, but also for healthy communities and as a messaging platform). Bonfire is poised to cover these use cases fairly well, and there are lives, and even elections at stake. (Don't get me started on the way the spectacle is a modelisation scheme meant to get people like Mr. Macron elected through foreign funding.)


Is there anything I can do to help? I have a bit of spare time. Would you like to put up a blog post on the Framablog to promote your project? I'm probably not in the best position to do this.


Hi, is there any plan for RSS support?

I'd suggest the following: threads would be treated as blog posts, and Bonfire posts as paragraphs or sets of paragraphs. The thread would be published after a timeout (e.g. 45 minutes or 24 hours) or after a post is ended with “EOF”.

And bam, you've got RSS feeds fixed with microblogging.

This could be opt-in, for example for academics, or for institutions (e.g. @).


Ok, your replies count doesn't only show direct replies but basically the number of posts in the thread. It's a great idea! Is it deliberate? (It should be the default, IMHO)


Did my post get lost into the void? Anyway, the button to edit my bio (/settings/profile) from my profile itself (/@Oceane) returns a 404


How?? Did you make a Diaspora*-tier UX on ActivityPub?? This is wizardry to me