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(defun microblog ()
"Microbloguer avec toot(1) et twtxt !"
(let ((message (read-from-minibuffer "Message : ")))
(concat "sh ~/.emacs.d/microblog/microblog.sh "
(shell-quote-argument message)

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Second bug report: I tried to insert both code snippets in the same post but I couldn’t add anything after the code part in the first post. There wasn’t any newline after this portion. I’d like to maybe have a newline automatically inserted after a code block, if there’s none, when cycling with tab ?

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Please tell me how I could improve my bug reports.

Btw I was using Firefox with uBlock Origin and Cozy Pass.

EDIT : I don’t think this bug would be platform-specific, but I’m using Linux Mint with Cinnamon. I’m running Firefox mint-001 120.0.1.