Is there anything I can do to help? I have a bit of spare time. Would you like to put up a blog post on the Framablog to promote your project? I'm probably not in the best position to do this.


@Oceane a blogpost would be def awesome!  also we're collecting toots to show in our homepage from our community, that would help as well

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Still, I'm going to read again your blog posts, but I'm not aware of an official roadmap or clear goals/non-goals for this project, just of “values” (which are just an umbrella term for irrational behaviors and community goals aren't they?).

I can try to put up a presentation of the Bonfire project, upload it somewhere, and see if you want to amend it/publish it?

FYI, Framasoft is a major French software development NPO trending towards anticapitalism. Among other things, they're the PeerTube and Mobilizon developers, and they're putting up Framaspace, a personal Nextcloud instance for 40,000 NPOs.

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