On my feature request for academic citations (CW politics)

On my feature request on academic citations, I feel idiotic, to change things a bit.

Yes, cultural diversity is extremely important. Capitalistic social media have been promoted by the traditional billionaire-owned ones for a part for their lack of cultural diversity, and also for how they isolate people from each other, eroding class consciousness and also collective intelligence from the family level to the national level (not mentioning the international/post-national one for various reasons, language being the dead tree hiding the forest).

But I'm not sure that academic citations would be the most efficient way to do this. ActivityPub is already a solution (with podcasts and esp. PeerTube). The current state of podcasts is what you get when it isn't enclosed by a group of billionaires and hopefully PeerTube will make video creation follow along, but we need to find efficient monetization models that don't rely on advertising (similarly to e.g. Frustration Magazine, giving full site access to everyone, plus additional perks like a yearly issue and stickers to donators). All of this to say that my feature request was out-of-touch. And that I apologize for that.