I will make a separate Pixelfed Groups app, considering it's significantly different than our core photo/video sharing feature

Pixelfed Groups have their own notifications, main feed and data structures

A separate app would benefit in many ways, including easier group administration, simpler UI and support for non-core features like markdown, link preview cards and more!

Once I finalize the API this weekend, any other MastoAPI compatible server will be able to use the groups app too!


Groups are nearly finished, and the app too.

Collections and Portfolio features are getting major overhauls, with federation support.

Speaking of federation support, rumour has it that Pixelfed is working on custom domain support so you can bring your own domain to any Pixelfed instance, allowing you even more control, and a fallback in the event you need to migrate and preserve your handle/identity! 👀

#pixelfed #groups #byod#customDomains #federation

There are a lot of new aspects that Groups bring to Pixelfed that are similar to existing microblogging platforms, such as:

- Text only posts
- Quote posts
- Markdown support
- Link cards
- Polls

And more exotic features like:
- Events
- Anonymous Posts (if enabled)
- Multi tenant/dual layer moderation
- Realtime Group Chat

They add significant complexity, but we’re doing this properly, following best practices

It will be worth it, just wait and see 😎

#pixelfed #groups