#bonfire #future
At some point, I fantasize about deploying Bonfire in our region en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Driftl... where some of the conditions and seed organizations exist to grow into a regional economic system.

I don't think Bonfire is ready yet, but that is why I am here trying it out and suggesting improvements.

One question: once upon a time, bonfirenetworks.org/ had a "flavour" and I think also a demo/experiment focused on offers and wants. I could not find that now. I did find bonfirenetworks.org/posts/bo... which seems to be somewhat related, but did not explicitly mention offers and wants or offers and needs or whatever you called it. The flavour might have had a totally different name.

But anyway. beyond being generally usable, that's one of the features we would need.

When generally usable, I would be happy to pitch in on coding and testing at that stage. I might also be able to help on performance improvements somehow. They seem to be the biggest hurdle for general usability now, altho I might be missing some other big hurdles.

What do y'all think? How realistic is that fantasy, and very roughly when? Where "when" is this year, next year, or not in the foreseeable future?

Also, if you want to suggest a circle or other boundary for discussions like this, please let me know and I will comply.