After composing a post, the original "Compose" button changes to "Reply", and it sticks no matter where I navigate, when it should return to "Compose" after navigating away from a specific thread.

Also, consider closing out the Compose dialog after a successful post.

#bug #bonfire_feedback

#bug closing (by clicking the x) the compose box after submitting a post and it's cleared pops up a browser alert saying that the draft will be lost, even though the box is empty.

On a profile, I chose "Send Message" from the option dropdown. The option pops on along the bottom right of the browser window, but I couldn't figure out how to expand it and actually send the message. It just showed their name, but I couldn't figure out how to show the compose / send buttons. #bug

@dajb that's actually is a #feature, with a UX that makes it feel like a #bug 馃え . The concept is to enhance transparency and let the users see the instance defaults and config, but of course without the possibility to edit them without the right permissions, but I agree with you that is still confusing that way