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Also!!! Thank you sooo much for adding support for opendyslexic font!!! That is really great of you guys to realize that some people have three dimensional minds. I'm not dyslexic, but I have helped multiple people set up dyslexic font on their computers.


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Hey, there is a typo on the website.

Share a profile with other users

Create a profile for your organisation or project and sahre access with others on your team.

sahre = share

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Would you like to discover how it feels to navigate a social network devoid of avatars? If so, head to Settings -> Preferences -> Appearance, and enable the Hide Avatar option 馃ジ.


I've replaced hyperlinks with Org-cite (BibLaTeX + the CSL). If I'm to reference your work, I'm gonna need a lead developer.

For now it's @dajb due to the alphabetic order. Is this ok for everyone? @mayel and @ivan? Am I missing someone?

@Oceane I can't see a reply from @mayel or @ivan but I'm not a developer, never mind lead developer!聽馃槀聽Bonfire is very much led by Mayel and Ivan. I just hang around when asked to for moral support, user research, and some occasional writing...


@Oceane We have indeed been optimising the speed of both the backend and UI, glad it is bearing fruit 馃槄

The other milestone we're working on is federation, for which we introduced 3 different settings: github.com/bonfire-networks/...

Currently federation is locked down on here while we optimise some more things (like limiting how many replies are automatically fetched in threads) and then we'll change it to on-demand.

@mayel @Oceane indeed, it seems much more responsive than the last time I checked, nice work 馃榾


Sorry, I did take the time to appreciate how snappy the last update was, but I haven't been vocal about it.

I'm going to toggle a few switches and see what happens. Is it normal if I can't fetch a post through another instance (Firefish)? Is the federation still disabled?

Thanks in advance!

@Oceane thanks <3聽

ps we've added an info label at the bottom of the right sidebar, that indicates the instance federation status - so that users are aware of that specific instance setting 馃槈