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I tried to post this same content before and it went off into space somewhere. If it landed in the Bonfire campground and this is a duplicate, sorry, but i don't see my first try anywhere.

I wanted to ask about CoopCloud, which

recommends for deployment.

But from skimming their doc, looks like they don't offer an actual cloud that I can deploy on, just some software for people to install on some other server.

Is that correct? And if so, got any recommendations for where to actually install Bonfire software?

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@bhaugen see

While you can use any provider to get a server or VPS to use with coop-cloud, there's two mentioned in their docs (since they're more closely integrated into the tooling):

  • is an initiative started by the same people as coop-cloud to setup a cooperative network of hosters, but I'm not sure how operational it is yet
  • hetzner is a german company that's common choice among FOSS and fediverse folks
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@bhaugen we can contact coopcloud and try to test out a collaboration with them (or their coop networks) to offer premium hosting service, that would quite a cool use case... do you think the driftless group would be interested in this? (Of course no prob if they prefer to host it by themselves)

As I said in that other channel, I think it's too early to count onn the Driftless group doing anything. But if not them, I have another regional group in mind.

So early days of a conversation, or maybe more than one conversation. In all of them, I am the person who wants a Driftless Bonfire site, and nobody else is there yet.

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