Castellonorato, Formia (Italy)

Hello people,

got here via via, I am interested into communities interacting and sharing wisely information in case of remote areas, small economical value flows and regeneration.

It could be worth telling that the second screenshot was different from the first one. So there’s another bug, which is that you only got the first one, duplicated, with the image description of the second screenshot only.

@Oceane thanks, fixed in the next release 😊

Excuse me but these previews don't seem very secure. They're either cached or directly fetched through the user's connection aren't they? What if they're illegal files?

@Oceane fyi each instance can decide which types of file are allowed to be uploaded (.jpg .png .pdf etc) 
wonder if you have in mind specific ways to enhance the security? 

@mayel @versolalto @silmathoron I'm not trying to speak on behalf of the Mastodon developers but there seems to be less and less bugs, that's an amazing job

Also if you were to add OpenBadges compat I'd want an “early investor” badge (y'know, “early social investor”)

@Oceane @mayel @versolalto @silmathoron, great idea - @dajb ​did some great work on thinking how open badges could work in a federated environment  docs.google.com/presentation...
def something on our (not really short) list 😊

#feedback #bonfire

Also!!! Thank you sooo much for adding support for opendyslexic font!!! That is really great of you guys to realize that some people have three dimensional minds. I'm not dyslexic, but I have helped multiple people set up dyslexic font on their computers.

@versolalto seems that hashtags are not properly parsed if they're the first item in the post, maybe they're mistaken for markdown syntax... ​

Would you like to discover how it feels to navigate a social network devoid of avatars? If so, head to Settings -> Preferences -> Appearance, and enable the Hide Avatar option 🥸.

Sorry, I did take the time to appreciate how snappy the last update was, but I haven't been vocal about it.

I'm going to toggle a few switches and see what happens. Is it normal if I can't fetch a post through another instance (Firefish)? Is the federation still disabled?

Thanks in advance!

@Oceane thanks <3 

ps we've added an info label at the bottom of the right sidebar, that indicates the instance federation status - so that users are aware of that specific instance setting 😉

Hello everyone! Looking forward to trying things out and giving feedback! 

I tried to post this on my phone, but bringing up the input box did not trigger the keyboard on my phone - perhaps there's some setting you need to do on mobile to make sure it considers this input as a textfield.

@triptych thanks, this was a recent introduced bug, will be fixed in the next release 😊

@lefterino generalmente è utilizzato in entrambe le posizioni (vedi gmail / outlook) - per ora è posizionata in alto perche sotto il menu di navigazione abbiamo ipotizzato di inserirci la lista di gruppi a cui l'utente è iscritto (feature in fase di sviluppo atm) 

Imagine following locations (specific like your nearest lake, or wider like your city) like you follow any other user, and being able to get real-time data from sensors and public database directly from its timeline - what's the air quality today? is there a huge amount of pollen in the air? . 

And eventually that location has enabled also the bonfire gatherings extension to create and share events. All ways to fill the gap between digital and phisical life